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Post by Oliver on Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:24 pm

I'm with my dog Sally in a stairwell, the light is on a timer. It goes out, I reactivate it, and we step out into the street. It's night, and I'm kind of anxious to look in a certain direction. I'm somehow aware of having done this trip several times before. I'm not aware that this is not our house or our regular trip.

Sally seems to see something in the shadows, or so it seems. At first I ignore it, but then I turn to face it and - feel like I'm pulled backwards as if a cord in my back retracted me. The feeling was a sudden bounce like on an elastic cord. I'm somewhere else - am I in my bed? I wasn't awake yet. My consciousness was in another body yet, dialoguing with the body I left behind when my consciousness moved, kind of guiding it as if I was the tower and as if it was the airplane on a mission.

I suddenly realised that this was not my regular walk, that it had repeated, that I had bounced like on a cord and this reminded me of stories of the silver cord, and that the repetition could mean this was a simulation. As all of this flooded in, I woke up.

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