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And hi from Canada Empty And hi from Canada

Post by Sophie on Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:25 pm

I'm 31, from Gatineau, a mostly French-speaking city neighbourhing Ottawa in Canada.

I am mostly interested in communication with my non-physical support team (such as through tarot, dreams, or signs and messages sent through physical reality), in healing and balancing the self, in self-remembering, and in reality creation... I like trying to notice the `magic` at work behind the scenes (physical reality), reading it like a dream, layer by layer... I guess I could write at lot more, and could also write something somewhat different if I were to do so on another day, but this is what feels right at the moment, so... Smile

I know Donna and Oliver from another spirituality forum, and I first found out about Kurt's material through Donna's and Oliver's posts and links toward his material. I was also recently introduced to Robyn, and I would be glad to read from more of you, so don't hesitate to introduce yourselves Smile

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